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Edu.Harbour explores how contemporary technology of the 21st century can be applied to education, collaboration, and exchange. By organizing and coordinating various projects related to education and science on an international level, we create thousands of opportunities with a unique experience for students, educators, and industries.

Projects coordinated include ...

Student Events Science Competitions Education Platforms Learning Resources Research Projects Global Opportunities Student Networks Online Journals


Advancement of modern society is driven by access to information and infrastructure for education. We have the goal to transform methods of education on a global scale, ultimately, leading to a society that operates on knowledge and facts.

Projects coordinated by Edu.Harbour are mostly related to scientific education of students in schools and universities, with a focus on fundamental sciences.


Edu.Harbour explores the potential of the digital world. By creating sophisticated digital infrastructures and platforms, we incorporate new technologies to improve education, build networks, and create opportunities for people all over the world. Our digital projects aim to replace outdated structures by more accessible and dynamic systems.


The focus on digital technologies makes the projects available in many regions across the world: The Edu.Harbour projects are represented in 82 countries by 580 associates. Already over 37.000 students, educators, and institutions are involved.

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To take part in projects coordinated by Edu.Harbour, please visit the respective webpages of the individual projects. We are always interested in collaborations with individuals, institutions, and industries. Projects proposals and inquiries can be forwarded directly to the contact address below.
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